If you receive this message, please check the file sizes of the BGL PDF's.

We've discovered that there are different .Pdf file export variants being generated by Users. The variant the pdf reader trained on has the following characteristics (pay particular attention to the KB. Roughly, there are 1000kb in a mb -

4 Member - 24 Pages - 2037KB 3 Member - 23 Pages - 1359KB 2 Member - 22 Pages - 1054KB

Example of a file that is too big (2 Member, 22 Page BGL PDF Document)

If your files are too big, please check PDF Software loaded (Example of PDF Software that WILL NOT WORK - PDF Creator)

Example of PDF Software that WILL WORK - Adobe Acrobat.

To fix the issue, uninstall the offending PDF Software & then download & install Adobe Acrobat - Simply search using Google to find the download URL.