We're thrilled to present our special Christmas release! Filled with enhancements and new features, we're adding a touch of holiday magic to your experience. 

Cash-Basis Financials: Ho ho ho! Now you can choose the cash basis accounting method when importing financial statements from QuickBooks and Xero.

Statement of Cash Flows: Unwrap our manual version of the Statement of Cash Flows - Indirect Method, now included in all our financial reports. It's our gift to you for more streamlined financial reporting!

Not-for-Profit Financials Report (Beta): In the spirit of giving, we've added a financial report template for non-profit organisations. It's available as a paid financial report. Please feel free to contact support@lodgeit.net.au with any feedback you may have on the template. You can find the template here. *This is part of the Financial Report (Advanced and Paid Feature)

Overseas Levy Section: The Income Tax Return Estimate (2020 onwards) now includes an Overseas Levy section, bringing more clarity to your clients.

Decimal Quantity in Shares Module: With decimal quantity now available in the Shares module, managing cryptocurrencies is as easy as pie... or should we say, Christmas pudding!

Enhanced Flexibility in Financial Reports: Manual fields in financial reports can now reference notes, and you can modify client signature text. Tailor your reports like you would a Christmas list!

More Relationship Types: When adding a new relationship, you can now select multiple types. Ensure everyone is connected this Christmas!

Prefill on Income Tax Returns: Take more time to enjoy the holidays with prefill options for professional and primary averaging income, as well as annuities on Income Tax Returns.

Client Age on Quick View: Keep an eye on client details with the age display on Quick View. Just in time for sending those birthday and holiday greetings! 

Wishing you a season filled with joy, peace, and prosperity. Enjoy these updates and may they bring efficiency and cheer to your festive season!