Forms 2020
All forms are now available for the 2020FY. You will be able to start lodging to the ATO on 1 July 2020.
You can read a summary of 2020 forms changes here.
Work Dashboard
It is a new dashboard where you can easily track progress of your forms, reports and workpapers in one place.
Work can be filtered by a particular client group or a client, so you will never miss what requires your attention.
It will bring your practice workflow on a new level!
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Client Groups
Filter and organize your clients in groups and have a better overview of your work on a client group level.
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Client Access
You can completely hide specific clients from your staff members.
Clients with restricted access and their work will not be listed at any dashboard.
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SPFR Comparison Period
Now you can hide the prior year column from your Special Purpose Financial Reports.
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Workpapers Workflow
Now you can track your workpapers work status on the dashboard. Workpapers can be completed by accountant and approved by reviewer.
Once workpapers are approved they are locked for modifying.
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E-Sign Notifications
Once a document is signed by a client you will receive a notification to your email with an attached document and a link to LodgeiT.
Additionally, you can add a common practice email to receive a copy of all e-sign notifications.
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E-Sign Status Card
On all dashboards you can hover mouse on e-sign status to see who has already signed a document.
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Client Details Card
On all dashboards you can hover mouse to see client details.
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More is coming
We are working hard to supply the following features in 2020 Q1:
  • Trust Distribution Minutes.
  • Tax Return Lodgment Progress.
  • Automated Notice of Assessment.
  • E-Sign Reminders.
  • Multiple Business Worksheet.