QuickBooks Ledger is a cost-effective subscription for trust, partnership and other entities that integrates directly into your LodgeiT subscription.

The QuickBooks Firm Ledger is for low-touch clients who don't need to access their own books. As an active LodgeiT subscriber, this ledger integrates directly into your existing subscription allowing easy end of year financial reporting and lodging.

Say goodbye to email 'ping pong' and simply connect their bank, track GST, run STP compliant payroll, and complete tax prep and lodgement, all in one cost-efficient QuickBooks subscription.

1. Tax

Seamless integration and data mapping into your existing LodgeiT subscription for easy tax lodgement.

2. STP & payroll compliance

Submit all eligible employees for JobKeeper Payment to the ATO.

 3. Bank feeds

Daily bank feeds of clients transactions with 91% coverage.

4. GST

GST Centre with compliant, savvy reporting.

Make tax time easy with QuickBooks Ledger and LodgeiT.

From as little as $1.80 per month, it's time to automate tax time and further support your small business clients during this challenging time.

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