The new tax season is coming and we are excited to announce the following updates for you.

Tax Forms 2024

The 2024 tax forms are now available. LodgeiT will automatically create new forms for you in a few days, ensuring that relevant field values are carried forward from your 2023 returns. Check out the ATO's overview of key changes.

Please note that pre-filling data is available for tax returns from 1 July as ATO receives it, with most data being available by the end of July.

Tax Depreciation Report

You can generate and print the tax depreciation report for assets added using the new method directly within the tax return. Simply go to Reports > Tax Depreciation and select a tax return. 

This feature is currently available only for individuals. Learn more

Loan Agreement Templates

As part of our Legal Documents. Learn more

Take advantage of our 30% discount — prices start as low as $1.56 per report when you purchase a package with the discount. 

For detailed pricing, please visit your billing page. Keep in mind that purchased documents will expire at the end of the subscription period.

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