June 2024 Updates

Now you can create and sign legal documents directly in LodgeiT. Choose from our template library or customize your own with ease. LodgeiT will automatically fill in all client details, streamlining your workflow and saving you time.

Our template library includes: Engagement Letter, Company Constitution, Minutes of Meeting of Directors, Trust Distribution for Corporate and Individual Trustees.

Choose the payment option that suits you best: buy a package or pay per document, with e-signatures included. 

Take advantage of our 30% discount — prices start as low as $1.56 per report when you purchase a package with the discount.

 For detailed pricing, please visit your billing page. Keep in mind that purchased documents will expire at the end of the subscription period. Learn more from this video

Depreciation on Tax Returns

We are changing the way you add tax depreciation. You can now add pools and assets directly into the tax return. It is now available for individual income tax returns starting from the 2020 tax year. This new method will soon be available for other types of tax returns as well. 

You can easily migrate pools and assets into the tax return. You will be prompted if you previously used our depreciation tool. LodgeiT will map pools and assets to their appropriate sections on the tax return, eliminating the need for manual entry.

On 1 July 2025, you will no longer be able to run tax depreciation using the old method. It will be used only for accounting depreciation. Learn more from this video

QuickBooks ProAdvisor Subscription

We have automated the ProAdvisor subscription activation and renewal process. To activate your subscription, visit the ProAdvisor page in QuickBooks for Accountants. 

If you previously used a coupon code for activation, please wait until your subscription expires and then click Renew on your billing page in LodgeiT. 

Next year, your subscription will renew automatically as long as you maintain an active connection to your QuickBooks Online Accountant file.