To work with a company tax return, first ensure that all the necessary information about the company has been added to LodgeiT via "Settings" if you fail to do this, you will encounter a range of difficulties.

To learn more about how to fill this tax return, please review the detailed ATO instruction set. - Self Managed Superannuation  Instruction 2022

The Basics

Add your superannuation fund.

If you are using the BGL or Mclowd import functions, please click here. 

Be sure to add relevant details via Settings to avoid having to deal with errors in the form.

Settings > General

Settings > Contact Details

Settings > Tax

Note: Financial import (for software other than BGL and Mclowd) is for "financial Report" purposes only, it will not be injected in the tax form.

Below process is for non import

Select the Year (Note that the 2017 Form has a different, more modular design ).

"Lodgement Date" is automatic date from ATO, but you can also manage to change it if necessary.

Once you've worked in the form, you may need to turn-on certain reporting sections. You can do so via financial image 

This is activating the relevant sections that you need to work on -

Values in the Income Section of the form populate automatically from the respective income detail sections. The same logic applies in other form sectors. (See Interest an example below)


Q:  How I can add the form “Self-managed superannuation fund annual return”

I cannot see it.

A: Please check the client "settings", if the Entity Type is "Superfund.

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