To connect LodgeiT to the Australian Taxation Office (ATO), you typically need to ensure that LodgeiT is set up as a Standard Business Reporting (SBR) enabled software. SBR is a standard approach to online or digital record-keeping to simplify business reporting obligations. LodgeiT is one of the SBR-enabled software products that practitioners can use to lodge reports directly to the ATO.

All SBR interaction depends on selecting LodgeiT as your preferred SBR Partner via ATO Access Manager.

Why do we need to connect?

Nominating LodgeiT as your software provider is a requirement that allows you to validate the tax return. As part of the integration agreement, it is a requirement that LodgeiT passes all SBR validations before exporting the annual return. This also provides the benefit of allowing validation issues when validating and completing a form.

Note: LodgeiT is an SBR Product registered

********       Ensure you have MyGov ID prior to attempting this.   **********

The video provides the guide:

  • Connecting LodgeiT from the ATO
  • How to use Access Manager

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1. You have two options on how to connect LodgeiT to ATO:

A. Connect to ATO via phone, learn more here

B. Using Access Manager (proceed with the process)

Log in to ATO Access Manager using your MyGov ID

    You need an app to get started. Learn more

2. Log in to your LodgeiT, Press "ATO" > Software ID"

Once you have your LodgeiT account, the system will provide you with a unique Software ID (SSID). You need to provide this ID to the ATO so they can identify your software when you lodge reports.

3. Copy the Software ID and select "ATO Access Manager"

Access the ATO’s Access Manager or the ATO Business Portal using your myGovID if you're an individual practitioner, or your firm's credentials if you're acting on behalf of a business.

4. It will navigate you to ATO, select the entity that you want to connect to LodgeiT

5. Inside the ATO Access Manager, press "My hosted SBR software services"

6. Select "Notify the ATO of your hosted service"

7. Search for Lodge iT ... note Lodge it has a space. Or search for the LodgeiT ABN - 98146732569

Click the ABN of LodgeiT to select-

8. Paste the software id that you copied from your LodgeiT

9. From the below example, you may find that "Lodge it Pty Ltd" added as one of my software provider.

10. Refresh your LodgeiT interface, should show as "Successfully connected to ATO"

 Before proceeding with actual lodgments, it’s recommended to perform a test submission via LodgeiT to ensure the connection is properly established.

If the issue persists, check the following:

Click the Gear wheel and select "Profile". Double check the details to make sure identification are match with the your ATO details.

Once the connection is successful, you can start lodging reports directly from LodgeiT to the ATO.

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