All SBR interaction depends on selecting LodgeiT as your preferred SBR Partner via ATO Access Manager.

********       Ensure you have a functional AUSkey prior to attempting this.   **********

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Login to ATO Access Manager - . Use Internet Explorer for this task.

Select My nominated software providers

Search for Lodge iT ... note Lodge it has a space. Or search for the LodgeiT ABN - 98146732569

Click the ABN of LodgeiT to select-

Collect ID from LodgeiT via Software ID

Be sure to click NEXT and then SAVE after adding the ID.

Test the connection.

Possible reasons for failure -

a. You are attempting to connect the wrong entities. i.e. the ABN & in the case of tax agents & BAS agents, the TFN or BAN is not associated with the ATO AUSkey that you use to connect to the ATO Access Manager.

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