Sign-up to LodgeiT through this link and save the URL for easy access.

Click here to learn how to use 'QuickBooks Online' Credentials to Sign-in to LodgeiT.

Click here to watch the video on how to get started as tax agent.

Make sure to select the correct entity type as "Company"

Then proceed and update other details.

Note that you need to  set-up "Signatory" details

LodgeiT Account holder is set-up under "Mary Pty Ltd"

A. If you wish to show the "Primary Contact" via your form's "Tax Agent Declaration", you have to set-up the settings of your firm via gear wheel > profile

Then, press "Contact Details"

B. If you wish NOT to show the "Primary Contact", just leave "Contact Details" as blank.

The "Tax Agents' Declaration" "Contact" is coming from the firm's "Name"

Visit this guide if your tax practice operates as an "Individual"

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