Illustration: John Doe would like to transfer the ownership of the Firm “Doe Pty Ltd” to Anna Doe.


Step 1: John Doe will access the LodgeiT Account “Doe Pty Ltd 


Step 2:  From Gear > Team

Step 3. Press "Invite Member"

Step 4. Invite the team that you want to be the “Owner”, in this case John Doe will invite Anna Doe to be part of the team.

Note that, "Access" should be "Owner"

Step 5:

  5A -Anna Doe will receive an email that invites her to be part of the "Team"

  5B - Anna Doe will accept the invitation and sign up. (it will be available once she press the "Accept Invite"

Step 6. Once that Anna Doe accepted the inviatation and signed up. She has now access on the said Doe Pty account

Anna Doe can navigate the Gear > Team


Step 7: Anna Doe will remove/archive the other "Owner" John Doe 

Once John Doe "Archived", Anna Doe is the sole "Owner" of this Doe Pty account.