Question: I've been looking at the emails using one of our specific shared email addresses that is hosted through microsoft 365. Such as This email does not have a login to microsoft 365, so wondering if you had a workaround or suggestions ?


It's possible to attach MS 365 shared mailbox into LodgeiT, as MS creates logins for shared mailboxes as well. In order to achieve this, you need 

1. Open MS Admin center > Users > Active users

2. Find the and click on it.

3. On the right panel with the user details press Reset password

4. On the password reset dialog untick all options as showed on the attached screenshot and enter new password.

5. Logout from your office account.

6. Open LodgeiT > Settings > Email and select Micrososft.

7. You'll be redirected to MS sign in page. Use  and the password you set in step 3 to sign in. If you'll be prompted to use your own account, you must to sign out first.