By default, LodgeiT sends client emails (esignature request) directly from noreply@lodgeit.net.au, not from user's email address. Once user enabled this feature, it will allow the user to send mail notification (such as e-sign) to your client from through your personal mailbox (Office 365, Gmail, etc).  It will provide an ability to keep track of emails sent and receive client's responses directly into your inbox.

The big advantage of this - is that we don't store user account credentials, it's more transparent for the user as he sees what permissions he provides to application. The user can disconnect the mailbox anytime by simply switch to LodgeiT Mail Server. In this case e-sign mail notification will be sending from our system mail server.

1. Navigate via gear wheel located at the top right of your LodgeiT interface and select "Settings"

2. Press "Emails" 

Select the appropriate Mail server and fill your credentials/SMTP settings. In any moment you can switch back to the default system LodgeiT SMTP mailbox by selecting "LodgeiT Mail Server"

LodgeiT will have access to outbound mails only. LodgeiT cannot read, nor modify and nor delete any user mails.

See below example on how to facilitate a forward of an email that rides out on the dedicated address used by the firm for emails sent via LodgeiT.

If you are using your own mail server (gmail/microsoft) you can create your own rules (ie auto email forward, email copy for your team member). You will add the rule directly to your email settings.

NOTE: If you want to use "Other", you must secure assistance from your email provider (Company/Admin), not from us.

Error: When using smtp settings the system tries to send test email to check the settings are correct. If user receives this error (below) - it means the credentials provided from their SMTP provider are invalid. 

Please double check the credentials. As a case - to change the SMTP port from 465 to 587 or to 25 and pay attention to the password which is case sensitive.

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