Client reminders allow user to configure automatic notifications sending to their clients to remind them to sign electronic signature request if it was not signed in time.

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Default reminders settings

Client reminders can be set in E-sign settings section and will be applied by default for every new e-sign request. User also can enable or disable reminders later for any specific e-sign request despite these settings.

Generally, for client reminder user should specify the reminder interval in days for notifications. Email message with the link of document to sign will be sent to client until it’s signed.

If after 7 reminders client has not signed the document, then reminders sending will stop. In this case user who created e-sign request will be notified about that if option (see below sample image) “Notify e-signature sender when a document is signed, not signed or declined” is turned on.

If signature request must be signed by multiple clients (for instance in financial reports) then every party who needs to sign it will receive reminder notifications.

Currently, reminders can be set only on e-sign request create dialog. After the request is sent, reminders cannot be changed. In this case if user wants to remind a client they should do it manually in e-sign dialog (resend button) or via dashboard (Read more).

Configure reminders manually

In order to configure reminders for e-sign request open electronic signature dialog. The reminders options will be set by default based on E-sign settings. If it's necessary to change this option (for example turn off or set custom interval) please click "Reminders" link:

Note: If 7 reminders sent and the client hasn't signed a document, LodgeiT sends an email to a user that a document wasn't signed. Then, the reminders are stopped being sent.