Scenario: Carlo Nolasco and AC Doe is both a Member/Agent in the same firm., and the client's of "Carlo Nolasco" will transfer to "AC Doe".

Select  Clients and then click the dropdown arrow in the column "Assignee", then select the source assignee " AC Doe". After doing this, all clients assigned to AC Doe will show in the screen.

Select all the clients under AC Doe (source assignee) by ticking the uppermost check button and then Assign all these clients to the new Assignee - "Carlo Nolasco". Ensure that there is check in name of the right side of the assignee name which you will transfer the clients.

After assigning also all the clients the New Assignee "Carlo Nolasco", you can see 2 icons under Team column. This means your next step is to unassign all the clients from old assignee "AC Doe". Click the dropdown in the Unassign column and select AC Doe to unassign all the clients.

After that, please click the dropdown again in the Assignee column and select the OLD Assignee (AC Doe) and there should be no clients to be seen in the screen. It means all clients are transferred to the NEW Assignee "Carlo Nolasco"