LodgeiT currently support client direct import from following software providers:  Xero Tax, Software Assistant, and Handitax

For the other software providers not mentioned, please continue with the below process:

To assist you for your client migration, kindly provide us the list. 

Guidelines and process for client migration - 

1. Export your client list via CSV or Excel.

Check this guide to learn more-

Extract and Import Client list from Reckon Elite

Extract and Import Client list from MYOB AO

Consider the important details ie: 

The user MUST advise if "Use tax agent as the contact on all tax forms" (for every client),  ie add a column say "Yes" or "No".

The user should advise if "Use tax agent as the contact on all tax forms" (for every client),  ie add a column say "Yes" or "No". (Excel column: Use Tax Agent).  This might be a good help for your migrated list. 

OR, you may do so AFTER the client migration. Learn more HERE

Other additional field that you may also want to consider ie -

*It is the user's advantage to extract/gather more information to avoid typing manually for each of your client's "Settings".

However, title/first name/middle name/ last name, we can extract from your "Client name" column and do workaround if those are not available.

In the other column, answerable by TRUE and FALSE (check mark for True)

ie for "Manage Tax Return", "Manage Activity Statements", Fee from Refund"

"Manage AS" once ticked, it means that the firm will manage the Activity statement of the client.

2. Once exported please email support@lodgeit.net.au and request an import. (we will prepare and send you the link for a secured dropbox)

Email Subject: Request for Client list Import  - FIRM NAME - ABN 

Message (sample): 

             Hi LodgeiT, 

                I'm done with my list, please provide Dropbox link. 

                Here's my ABN # _____________ 

3. LodgeiT team will invite the user to load the file via secured dropbox.

4. LodgeiT team will check your file and update if there is any missing information. 

a. LodgeiT team will send the formatted version for client checking.

b. Last chance for the user to request any additional information to include.

6. Once user confirmed to proceed (no correction/additional info), LodgeiT team will now migrate the client list.

7. LodgeiT team will inform the user about the completion of the requirement.

8. The user will confirm if data migration meets their expectations.

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