We always recommend to add client first using LodgeiT.

Note: this is uni-directional sync (operating in single direction) i.e. LodgeiT -->QBO.

This video includes:

  • How to connect LodgeiT to QBO
  • Synchronising client details (changes from LodgeiT sync to QBO)
  • Manual connection/mapping of client from QB and LodgeiT.
  • How to merge client in QBO
  • Showing how QBO invoice works - Configuring client-sync is important for invoice purposes, ie client invoices have the same details as are in LodgeiT.
  • Linking QBO details to LodgeiT details

Ensure that you already connect your LodgeiT firm to QBOA prior to synchronization. Learn more

Note: Sychronization is building relationship between your LodgeiT client and QBO client.

This will update the QBO client with LodgeiT client details when agent change the client's details from LodgeiT Settings.

ie Details like phones, emails, client address, name will be moved from LodgeiT to QBO any time intermediary changes it.

Bear in mind that this is a one way sync only (i.e. LodgeiT -->QBO).

Three different pages for synchronization in LodgeiT:


1. Client Import

Tick the client that you want to import or copied from QBOA to LodgeiT

Before matching the clients, please make sure to import or leave inactive (by unticking the appropriate checkbox) external accounting system clients on the "Client Import" page.

Ticked clients will be imported from QBO to LodgeiT. 

  • If "ticked", client has an existing client that matched to LodgeiT client, then  it will be linked. 
  • If "ticked", but the said client has NO related/client match via LodgeiT, system will automatically produce client in LodgeiT client list (no need to create/add manually)

Unticked clients will not be imported to LodgeiT and the system will understand that  no action required for this QBO client.

2. Client Sync

Map / unlink existing LodgeiT and QBO clients. 

Note: If the relationships is active (checkbox ticked) it will take clients details from LodgeiT and it is automatically updated via QBO client details.

The process includes 2 ways on how to sync:

A. Settings 

    A.1 Through client "Settings"

    A.2 Through Firm's "Settings"

B. Through Gear wheel, "Client Sync"

A.1 From LodgeiT Client "Settings"

Navigate to "client" settings


A.2 From Firm's "Setting's" via Gear wheel

Navigate to "Firm" settings

Settings > Import

Make sure for intermediary itself that the specified checkbox is set to true/ticked (please see image below). Otherwise, if the checkbox is false, sycrhronization will not be running for this intermediary.

B. From Synchronization page   via Gear wheel > Client Sync

If the box is ticked, mapping will be active. 

'Create new client' - will collect client name and details from QBO to create the client in LodgeiT.

Note: If client is already in LodgeiT, you just have to type a keyword or first 3 letters and it will show in 'search bar".

Note: If  you changed client names in LodgeiT and want to 'trigger syncrhonization' of clients with errors then you need to use the action link, please see below:


  •  Synchronization runs in background job service, usually it takes few minutes. In order to refresh and get current status it's necessary to reload the page.
  • Warning: "disabled for syncronization" - it means that mapping is not active (checkbox is not ticked).

To disabled synchronization, navigate to client "Settings" and untick this box-

3. Client Export

"Client Export" page is use to select LodgeiT clients that user would  want to export to external accounting system (QBO). 

Once "Create" button selected, customers will be created in QBO.

Sync import error/validation and resolution:

Error/Validation: "Disabled for synchronization" - means that particular mapping is not required, i.e. you don't want to sync "Garcia Pty Ltd" from QBO with any of your LodgeiT clients.

Error/Validation: Tick/Check - means that client are already mapped/sycned  from QBO to LodgeiT

 Error/Validation: "According to accounting system policy client name must be unique"

Solution: Check QBO and resolve the the 2 duplicate name. ie merged them or make the other one as "inactive" through QBO client list.

Error/Validation: "Client is already mapped"

Solution: Check QBO client list, on how it was typed.

ie on the above example, QBO has 2 different client with almost the same name ("Business name" or "Display name as"). The difference is how the "&" and "and". This needs to map accordingly. We also advise to do merging via QBO

Once the sync has been processed, LodgeiT for "G and G Solutions Pty Ltd" will show as this. It means that "G and G Solutions Pty Ltd" is the correct client.