Electronic Signing. It's when user sends e-sign requests via Lodgeit. 

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Open your "Completed" form, and scroll through the bottom of the page. You have three Option:

1. Send e-signature - (Electronic)

Requesting E-Signature 

Once the form is  "Completed" you have an option to "Send e-signature"

Note: For "e-signature" request, you need to purchase signatures via Gear leaver > Billing

Upon clicking "Send e-signature" you can see this template. You have an option to tick/untick the box under "Print options".

Tick the "Save signed copy to files" to generate copy automatically in client's "FILES"

After clicking "Send", e-signature will send to client for signature, ITR status will now be "OutToSign".  

At this stage, "Sign status" is "awaiting"

LodgeiT will send an email for signing to your client,  they can sign the form either - using desktop/laptop or mobile phone.

Note: If form is in "Awaiting Status", agent can still cancel or edit the form through clicking the lock icon. Esign link will also cancelled and client can no longer access the given link. 

Below is the copy on how they will receive the request.

Note that user can also view or download the document via-

The client need to click "Review & Sign", it will navigate them to the signing page.

They can use either desktop or Mobile handset for signing.

Select "click to sign", and start signing.

Click "Insert".

Here is the view of Signature inserted.

Advise them to review thoroughly all the pages that needs signature before clicking "Continue" and "Agree".

System will acknowledge the signature.

Once they completed signing the form, they will get an email confirming that they have been signed the form.

Signed copy automatically emailed to the client and loaded in Client's LodgeiT under "File". Agent  will also receive a notification to your email with an attached document and a link to LodgeiT. Additionally, you can add a common practice email to receive a copy of all e-sign notifications.

Once, client signed the form, it will now under "Signed" status. User can hover cursor on e-sign status to see who signed the document.

Click here on how to send e-sign reminder in bulk.

Note: Tax Agent Declaration signature is not actually required, click here to know more about.

2. Manual Signing.


Question: Is it possible to add an email as "CC"?
Answer: Workaround is to set up "Email Settings". If you are using your own mail server (gmail/microsoft) you can create your own rules (ie auto email forward, email copy for your team member). You will add the rule directly to your email settings.

Note: They only received the copy of the tax return, but unable to sign it.

Question: Can I attach other document via esign?

Answer: We don't have the feature yet to attach other documents via esign, we advise you to use pdf writer or online ie Nitro. 

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