As an accountant, you many wish to connect/sync your LodgeiT Clients to your QuickBooks Clients, in order to synchronise client contact names & details. (Note - Current limitation is a uni-directional sync from LodgeiT to 'QuickBooks Online' )

There are 2 types of connections that can be established with LodgeiT currently -

1.  An accounting system (client's or firm's) can be connected.

The reason for this is to facilitate import of accounting information, including balance sheet, profitLoss & general ledger detail. This information is used to populate tax forms, working papers & special purpose reports

Below illutrates that the "Noble & Asscociates" (agent) is connecting the Glade Pty Ltd (client's) to gather its "Financial" records from the Quickbooks to LodgeiT

2. If the accountant wants to use QuickBooks Online Accountant for client billing, then it's possible to first add the client in LodgeiT and manage the "client sync" or press "Please navigate here to synchronize clients" (See below image)

The important thing is that the connection MUST be to the firm i.e. the entity set as tax agent or bookkeeper.

The function of "Automatically synchronize clients" box is to enable the option of "Sync client details with accounting system" whenever a user will add a client.

Once connection is established and synchronization is turned on (gear wheel > client sync), the system tries to synchronize QuickBooks entities and LodgeiT clients automatically by 100% name and/or email single matching. If the matched entitiy was not found the user could set the mapping manually. The same way it works for export. For all LodgeiT organisations in "Not In QuickBooks" tab there were no similar QuickBooks  entity found automatically, so user needs to export the required ones manually.

Navigate to gear wheel > client sync, tick Synchronize Quickbooks Online clients.

Below snip shows that "Automatically synchronize clients" is currently ticked, and it will show up under "New client" page.(ie if turned-off, sync option under "New client" page will not be visible)

It’s possible to select the required name format that QuickBooks entity will have after synchronization. By default, QuickBooks Online entity has the same Display name as mapped LodgeiT organisation. Name formats that containa  LodgeiT reference identifier are useful to avoid duplicate name validation and for quicker entity search in QuickBooks Online. Please note, once format is changed, then it will be applied for all mapped entities and their Display Name in QuickBooks will be updated.

This is uni-directional sync (operating in a single direction) i.e. LodgeiT --> QuickBooks (because QuickBooks Online Accountant doesn't share important details, such as entity type or ABN.There is no way for us to determinate if the entity is individual or not. 

If You think you have multiple clients to sync, best to send us your list excel/csv and we will help you migrate this to LdogeiT, then, you will turn on "Sync" feature in LodgeiT, so the system will automatically map clients. Other clients that have not been mapped the user should to map manually) 

Guide: Migrate and Sync Clients from QuickBooks and from Other Accounting System in a Single Account in LodgeiT


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