If you are about to start a form you have an option to Select "Lodgement date".

Note, "Lodgement Date" is automatic date from ATO, but you can also manage to change it if necessary.

The payment due dates for a tax return are determined by client type, the lodgment due date and when the return is lodged. Learn more

Learn more from this LINK about the ATO's Lodgement due dates.

Learn more abount ATO's Lodgement due dates and due dates for lodging and paying

You will notice that the "Lodgement Date" that you have set up will be your form Due date.

You can manage to change the Due date by clicking the date next to "Draft" or form status.

From below example, we will adjust the due date from "15 May 2024" to "25 June 2024".

Form "Due date" is now adjusted to 25 June 2024.

SBR Lodgement Extension 

Agents,dates may apply under certain conditions. If the due date falls on a weekend or public holiday, companies can lodge or pay on the next business day without incurring a penalty or general interest charge. If more time is needed to lodge and prepare the return, the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) should be contacted before the due date at 13 28 66 during available hours.

For more specific information on key dates, you can visit the ATO's due dates by month here and due dates by topic here pages.

ATO: Due Date by Month

ATO: Due Date by Topic

Non-agent, Individuals and business can request extensions for lodgment/payment for different obligations, and the ATO considers various factors when determining whether to grant the extension. The timeline can differ via form/return type. 

Taking Activity Statements as an example, there is the possibility (given eligibility criteria) that, by lodging Online, there could be a two week extension over the paper lodgment due date. For Single Touch Payroll, the request for deferral can be lodged online but, depending on the deferral reason, the extension timeframe could be different. Best to reach out to ATO.

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It's possible to change the due date on BAS too. But it changes the due date in LodgeiT only.

A form must be in Draft state.

The due date displayed on the BAS won't change since it the date set by ATO and we cannot change it.