This article will guide you about LodgeiT's tabs, button and its uses.


DASHBOARD Allows user to monitor the completion and summary of ALL client’s - custom reports, forms, and any work  across your client-base and track digital signing by your clients. Learn more HERE

CLIENTs  A section is for adding a client and organizing a group of your clients. Learn more HERE

ATO  A section of Tax Office connection and controls

“+” icon You can also add client here

GEAR WHEEL – The ‘Gear Wheel’ serves as the firm/user-level control, this is located at the top right of your LodgeiT interface. Learn more

Click below topic  to learn more about:

HUMAN ICON – A section for the LodgeiT user/team profile.

  • Human Icon > ACCOUNT is  where the user credential’s stored - Email Address, Password, Phone, and security codes. Learn more HERE 
  • Human Icon > ACCOUNT LOG a history of the user’s log and activities

GIFT icon / What’s New – This is a newsletter section where LodgeiT announce the new released and feature. HERE  

“?” / Help –Account status and helpguides

  • “?” >  GETTING STARTED is a sign up process that shows the steps and procedure on how to get start on the system. Learn more HERE 

  • “?” >  KNOWLEDGE BASE is the page that will show the helpguide articles. Learn more
  • “?” >  FEEDBACK information about reactions to LodgeiT system, a team’s performance, which is used as a basis for improvement

This part is the tabs for the client (ie below example shows that the tab is for “Doe Pty Ltd” the client of the Firm)

Work, the summary of client (Doe Pty Ltd) of custom reports, forms, and any work.

Forms, section solely about client (Doe Pty Ltd) forms, whether in progress or lodged. Learn more about

Custom Reportssection solely about client (Doe Pty Ltd) financial reports. Learn more about 

Note: Custom Report is not available for BAS Agent.

Workpaperssection solely about client (Doe Pty Ltd) workpapers. Learn more about 

Tools, section to manage and carry out calculations

Reports, section to manage, compile and record of the client.


FINANCIALS LodgeiT relies on an import and classification exercise to populate Working Papers, the Tax Form and Special Purpose Financial Statements. Learn more 

FILES is LodgeiT document storage. Learn more

RELATIONSHIP connection and involvement, Learn more

NOTES allow you to maintain detailed notes in relation to any entity, Learn more

SETTINGS define the configurations and informations of the client, Learn more