Team "Owner and Admin" can reset Two-Factor Authentication for team members in case they lost an access to their phone or authenticator. 

Click here on how to see "Team" access

Reset Two-Factor/Login

Select Gear wheel > Team 

Search the team member that you want to reset.

Scroll through the part of "Two-Factor Authentication", and press "Reset Two Factor Authentication"

and confirm -

Then, the 'Member' will be able to set up two-factor authentication next time they sign in.

Steps that 'Member" should follow:

1. Download the app -

2. Scan the QR Code 

3. Enter the generated code


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Note: There is limitation of 5 attempts to 2nd factor and the counter increases every time when user fills incorrect password or request for sms message. Once the limit is reached the account is locking for 10 minutes, after that user could try to sign in again.