Team "Admin" can reset Two-Factor Authentication for your team members in case they lost an access to their phone or authenticator. 

Click here on how to see "Team" access

Reset Two-Factor

Select Admin > 2FA Reset

*TFN - only the last 6 digits.


- Can provide TFN of you practice/main organisation. It doesn't necessary has to be a client's TFN.

 - If it's a business entity, please provide your own TFN. (last digits of TFN only)

Once the reset has been made, a member will be able to setup two-factor authentication next time they sign in. 

If you (Team Admin) lost access to your phone you should contact our support. We are happy to help you get your access back. 

Please also provide the following:


Firm ABN:

Firm TFN or Client's TFN:

Download Authenticator App for your mobile phone and machine