It is possible to amend either a Tax Form already lodged via LodgeiT or manually add  Tax Return lodged via some other software and then amend it.

1. IF The form first lodged to other software - > Need to create form from scratch, then "mark the form as lodged manually" then it will allow you to AMEND the form (using below instruction)

To amend a return originally lodged via some other software -

  • Create a FORM
  • Add the data as it was in the original form
  • Validate the form & clear all errors
  • Set the form to complete

The status should now look like this

Now you can mark the form as lodged

Once you've marked the form as lodged, you'll see that at the bottom of the form, you have an amend option.

2. IF Form first Lodged via LodgeiT - > Open the existing form, then click Amend.

Before being able to amend a tax return, you must see the amend button at the bottom of the return.


Q: Where do I find the Amendment Sequence Number, Amendment Type and Amendment Reason?


In Dashboard: 

Reason and Type -

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