Client Import allows the user to migrate client list from accounting software (Xero) to their own LodgeiT account. 

To access it, the user must be an administrator and have permission to edit clients

Please see below guidelines and the process on collecting/extracting client list - 

1. Export your client list via CSV or Excel. 

 Consider the following details (needs to select required columns from the Xero export page)

Note: Exported data from the accounting systems has its own format and users should not change them.

*It is a user's advantage to fill as much info as needed to avoid typing manually for each of your clients.

2. Xero will generate the csv file automatically and no need to modify it.

3. Once you have the exported file, navigate to LodgeiT and  select "Clients"

Graphical user interface 
Description automatically generated

Press "Import"

Description automatically generated with low confidence

Select the Source and import the file.

Graphical user interface, text 
Description automatically generated

Note: LodgeiT NEVER overwrite/update existing client details and if similar client is found by ABN, TFN, ACN or reference number in the user's client list, then, the client from file will not be imported and will be marked as SKIPPED.


All SKIPPED and ERROR records are available for download by link against the row in the dashboard. By clicking "Download X skipped" or "Download X errors" LodgeiT generates the csv file of our custom format, containing "Error" columns so user can easily change/fix required data and import this file back to LodgeiT. 

For security purposes, we will remove all imported files after 7 days. 

If you have encountered an error during migration,  it will not be imported and will be marked as "ERROR". 

Let us know if you need further assistance.

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