Two ways to see the Trail of the form:

1. User can find the summary of "when and whoever" changed the form , by pointing the mouse/cursor to current status on the Tax form.

1.1 Open the Form

1.2 Top right of the form, click the Form Status

2.  Audit trail via 3 little dots

Open the Form, press the 3 little dots located at the top left of the form

If you use the LodgeiT digital signing method, then you'll have a record of who received & signed the form too, through "Document history" that can be found at the bottom page of the signed/lodged Form

*Note , once client Signed the form it will automatically save through "Files"


- Mygov ID, is Tax Agent proof in signing the form. Learn more

- For bank loan requirement of lodged form, you may refer to ATO Notice of Assessment.

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