This video includes: 

  • Completing a company tax return for year ended 2022 with a  'QuickBooks Online' data import - 
  • Mapping & classification
  • Understanding the reconciliation section

Step 1.  Go to your "Financials" tab , click Import  then select QuickBooks Online

Step 2. Connect Lodgeit  to your QuickBooks Online. Once you have already signed in to your QuickBooks you may now search for your firm and your  client then tap next.

After you tap the Next, You can now check the Source of your Financials Import and select  the Financial year then click the Import from QuickBooks Online

Step 3. You can now check if the data from 'QuickBooks Online' is imported to Lodgeit. QuickBooks Logo is visible that's the sign that the import is from QuickBooks. 

Go to your Financial tab, check the financial year and then click refresh button. Check the P&L and BS if the amounts is correct. 

To check with account classification  Getting Started with Mapping Accounts , You can also use tags using   Account allocation in tags

Step 4. You can now check if the Financials is automatically injected to the form.

Go to Forms Add Form select CTR to create the form.

Open the form, check each tab if all the Financials were automatically injected. 

Step 4, Validate. If you are satisfied with the outcome of your CTR press "Validate" to check if the form is valid. Once valid it's now ready to complete.

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