Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) is the fastest, most secure way for clients to receive refunds is through electronic funds transfer (EFT) into an Australian financial institution account. Financial institutions include banks, building societies and credit unions.

EFT details is the payment of net refund (accountings fees deducted), this will be made to the account specified via Settings > Tax

LodgeiT shows warning when EFT is not completed and entity has a refund. It is shown when validating the tax form.

To display the firm trust account details or to display the client bank details in the individual Tax Return. 

The bank account detail is only required if there is only a refund where the ATO could transfer. Learn more from the ATO

*if the client has payable, they may resolve it themselves. 

Go to "Settings"

Select "Tax"

"Fee from Refund" If it's ticked it automatically uses agent's EFT details on tax forms.

Fill bank information

Account Number - it's masked for security purposes. If you want to change it, must enter full number.

Details from Setting > Tax, will appear in Tax Return "EFT" details.


 If the refund is to be transferred to the client's account, please make sure financial details on the ATO portal is filled in.

Q: How to Retore EFTR "SBR Unavailable"?

A:  "SBR unavailable" error on fetch EFTR report can either occur when ATO EFTR service is unavailable or there is no generated EFTR reports for the agent. LodgeiT has a background service that checks if any EFTR report is generated for the agent, so it automatically pulls new EFTR reports from ATO.  

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