Status of any form in the ATO systems is now available from within LodgeiT Forms Dashboard -

Outcome of Assessment  

  • Outcome of Assessment OoA,  Status and filter - including Variance in case of mismatch between Assessment and Estimate or Sent to Client in case of auto-sent.
  • Visibility over the values in the estimate versus values in the NOA. (NOTE - Same feature will allow users to compare comparative year values in forms for 2021.)
  • Outcome of Assessment Settings - Allows forms to be auto-emailed to clients.

Customise Outcome of Assessment

Top right of your LodgeiT interface, select gear wheel and select  "Settings". 

*click here to learn more about Notice of Assessment

Then press "Outcome of Assessment"


Q: If I select the "review" button and accept the amendment, what changes in the return?

A:  Accepted review can be cancelled at any time. And it changes nothing except status itself.

You can amend the tax return to lodge amended data. How to Amend a Tax Form 

Q: Is there an easy way to find out what the variance and if has been updated?

A: In some cases ATO doesn’t provide details for the discrepancy, when ATO changes amount in taxable income, it may be an amount in any prefill data. So we recommend the user to amend the form, and run "prefill" and compare with original ITR.