Hey Fella's, 

We are excited to meet you online, you may register and book to our live session:

LodgeiT Demonstration/Training for Tax Agents (Every Tuesday, 8:00AM AWST) - This is an interactive session, designed to get you going and the best way to have a grip with all the functionality.

Accziom Beta Workshop (Every Wednesday, 8:00 AWST)  Accziom is our newest product designed and a World’s First Enterprise-ready, referral and trade marketplace.

Financial Reports Workshop (Every Thursday, 8:00 AWST) A new financial feature that provides you more flexibility to build your reports. 

Depreciation Workshop (Every Friday, 8:00 AWST) covers: configuring the depreciation module, connecting calculated depreciation to sections of the ITR, using depreciation facts in financial reports and the reconcilation section

See you!