Extract your client list via "Software Assistant-Thomson Reuters" .

Select "File", then press Export data > Marked client/s

Hover to client list and right click and select "Mark/Unmark clients"

Select "All clients" > "Execute"

It will show like this with a green check 

Navigate back to "File" > "Export data" and press "Client list"

Select/choose the line items that you want to extract

Press the double arrow and categories will transfer to the right box. Press "EXPORT"

Save as "Comma separated files (CSV)" 


Save the file for export-

Guidelines and process for client migration-

1. Export your client list via CSV or Excel (as per above details)

Kindly, consider the important details ie: 

*It is a user's advantage to fill as much info as needed to avoid typing manually for each of your clients.

2. Once exported please give LodgeiT support a heads-up and will prepare a dropbox for you.

Please mention your/firm name and ABN.

Note, we also offer additional field that you may want to consider ie -

Click HERE to learn more about migration process

Let us know if you need further assistance.

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