1. Search for the client name using the “Select a client to work on” box and then select the client.

2.    Once the specific client is selected, you can see its name in the upper left side.

3. Click the drop-down button under the “Settings” menu icon for this client and then select “General”.

4.    In the “General“ settings window, click the drop-down list button under “Entity Type” and then select the applicable “Entity Type”.

NOTEFor this guide we will be using the entity type “Company” as an example. Please take note that the type of forms available for creation will depend on the chosen “Entity Type”.

5.    After selecting the “Entity Type”, click the “Forms” button and then click the drop-down button under “Add Form”, so that you can see the list of forms that can be added/created according to the selected entity type 

(NOTE: For this case, the entity type “Company” was used as an example and the following items per below screenshot are the list forms available for creation under this entity. Other forms will be available when you select the other applicable entity types like for Individual, Partnership, Superfund and Trust.)