Once you've added some clients from a family group i.e. husband & wife, you can move on to define client relationships. This is an important step if you wish for LodgeiT to auto-fill information from husband to wife or from trust to individual.

Relationships are critical for seamless interaction between different forms and entities:

  • Directors (signing on financial reports)
  • Beneficiaries (profit allocation on financial reports)
  • Shareholder information
  • Trustee Information
  • Spouse relationships ?
  • "Start dates and end dates" are important when marriage breakdown or directors leave, but not essential

Adding Director

In below example, "John Doe" is the director of the Doe Pty Ltd.

Via "John Doe", navigate to "Relationship" and choose "Director OF"

 It will auto sync to the "Relationship" of the company - "Doe Pty Ltd", see below result after setting up from the individual's "Relationship"

But, if you will set up "Relationship" from "Doe Pty Ltd", you have to choose "Director" only.


Now that the relationship/s is/are established, you can import financials. (Note - you will need to add all relevant clients before you can define relationships.). You will want to import financials in order to auto-produce company, trust, partnership & Individual tax returns, special purpose financial reports and working papers.

For Company, the owner should be set as "Shareholder", because the "Owner" is applicable for Sole Trader.


  •  If you make a Setting change in the relationship module AFTER generating "Financial Reports/Statement", delete the "Financial Reports/Statement" and start afresh.
  • In case when trustee is a company Lodgeit uses "director" of a company as a signatory. ie, add director to the 'company' in relationships.

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