Once you've added some clients from a family group i.e. husband & wife, you can move on to define client relationships. This is an important step if you wish for LodgeiT to auto-fill information from husband to wife or from trust to individual as an example.

Relationships are critical for seamless interaction between different forms and entities:

  • Directors (signing on financial reports)
  • Beneficiaries (profit allocation on financial reports)
  • Shareholder information
  • Trustee Information
  • Spouse relationships ?
  • "Start dates and end dates" are important when marriage breakdown or directors leave, but not essential

Adding Director -

Now that the relationship/s is/are established, you can import financials. (Note - you will need to add all relevant clients before you can define relationships.). You will want to import financials in order to auto-produce company, trust, partnership & Individual tax returns, special purpose financial reports and working papers.

Note, If you make a Setting change in the relationship module AFTER generating SPFR, delete the SPFR and start afresh.

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