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Top left of your LodgeiT navigation page,,click the "arrow" and select or find your client.

You can also search through clicking "Clients" via top right of LodgeiT navigation page.

Search by client details

You may also search using  Director ID, TFN, phone or by email-

List of client will appear as this

FAQ - Can't find a client

Possible reasons that you cannot find a client in your "client list" :

  • The client is in "Private" mode, that only an "Owner" can access it. Reach out to your Account "Owner" or team "Admin" and "Assign" you to be part of that client access. Learn more from this guide  Manage CLIENT Access
  • Your "Team access" set as 'Member" or "Outside Collaborator", in which can limit you to access other clients that set as "Private". Guide:  Team Member Access

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