LodgeiT allows multiple users to access and work on tax returns simultaneously.

This promotes collaboration and enhances communication between team members, which can improve overall productivity and efficiency.

In this article:

How "Teams" works:

How to invite team member: 

Fill the information - 

Manage the "Access" for this person, check this guide to learn more

And select "Invite Member"

Update/Restrict team access

Be sure to manage permissions for the team member, turn on/off whatever is applicable for your team.

Don't forget to save the set-up through pressing "Invite Member"

This is how the team member will process and accept the invitation -

Manage Access

Note that, Form access can be restricted BUT not client details access. If you want to limit the client access, you have to customise the "Manage Access" of each of the client's settings.

"Manage Access" can be managed by Settings -->Manage Access. 

See below process:

1. Select client to work on -

2. Select "Settings" and click "Manage Access"

If you need to limit access to the other team members, you may manage to hide specific client, ie add the names of team members that you want to give the access.  

If you added at least one user, the said user will be able to see this specific client. If none were added, this client will be visible and can access by everyone in your team. 

Note: If the team member is an "Administrator" ("Team" restriction set up) he is able to see any client even you have restrict via"Manage Access"