Clients must verify themselves by either SMS code or Birthdate on your choice.

*Untick "SMS Authentication" if you are unsure of the active mobile number of the client. 

A. Below image will show that the e-signature request authentication is an SMS code, the client should receive a code from his phone in order to proceed signing the tax form

B. Below example shows that the authentication is the date of birth -

You may change the setting, to whatever e-signature authenticator you may want to use.

Note: This setting will be the set-up for ALL your clients.

Update this via gear wheel > Settings > Client DefaultGraphical user interface, text, application

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Security and Confidential 

From the security and confidential perspective, the user has nothing to worry about, because no other person can access to the tax return, so only the client who has phone number can view it. As the confirmation the user can check the audit trail for the specific form and check who, when and what actions were made with the form.