"Client Default" is a feature where you can decide for tax returns details and controls, whether for the Tax Agent or the Clients'. It's the actual information provided through LodgeiT-ATO interaction via secure SBR protocols.

The user must select a contact source which will be used as a default source on all tax returns to receive the ATO correspondence. You can also override each option in client settings.

Navigate to Gear wheel, and select "Settings" then press "Client Defaults"

Client default uses:

  • Configure a default contact source on a tax return separately for a postal address, phone and email. The user can configure it to automatically populate with your details, client details or carry forward them from a prior year tax return. Additionally, you can override any option in the client settings.

  • Give security to your client tax forms via sending sms or filling the date of birth to proceed signing their forms. Read more - Authentication Method

  • Single/Per Client update - use your Tax Agent's details for client tax form. Learn more

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