Question: I have an ex-employee whose name was linked to a generic email. I want to link that email to the new employee - how do I do that? Also, the old employee has the Authenticator access

Answer: See below process

1. Forgot password Since the new member has the access to the said email address (able to receive emails), you have to change the password first. 

2. Reset Login - ask LodgeiT Team to reset your login, this is for the authenticator reset, You need to provide answers for the following (for security purposes)

  1. Email address registered to LodgeiT 

  2. ABN of your firm / Main Account in LodgeiT

  3. Your TFN or Client's TFN that you've added via your LodgeiT account (only the last 6 digits)

 Once the login has been reset, you need to download first your preferred authenticator and then scan the QR image using the authenticator when you re-login again.

Artcle: Turn on 2-step authentication via Authenticator app  

3. Update "Name" -once the new member can access the LodgeiT, he may change the profile name, via human icon