Client Import allows the user to migrate/transfer the client list from accounting software to their own LodgeiT account. 

To utilize this, the user must be an administrator and have permission to edit clients

LodgeiT currently support client import from following software providers: LodgeiT, Xero Tax, Software Assistant, and Handitax/Sage.

(For the other software providers not mentioned, and/or want the support team to help, please refer to this guide)

In this article you will learn about:

Migration process

Step 1. Extract your client list, refer to the following  guide to learn more -

LodgeiT custom template (see attached excel template) - User can use this template/guide to fill the client file and then import the file to "Import" page

Xero Tax

Handitax / Handisoft / Sage

Software Assistant 

Note: Exported data from the accounting systems has its own format and users should not change them.

Consider the important details ie:

(OPTIONAL) Other additional field that you may also want to consider ie

*It is the user's advantage to extract/gather more information to avoid typing manually for each of your client's "Settings".

Step 2. Once you have the data ready, proceed to import-

Select "Clients"

Graphical user interface

Description automatically generated

Press "Import"


Description automatically generated with low confidence


Select the software - 

Graphical user interface, text

Description automatically generated

3. Example of the dashboard with migrated client list- 

Error and Skipped Notification

If you have encountered an error during migration,  it will not be imported and will be marked as "ERROR". 

All SKIPPED and ERROR records are available for download by link against the row in the dashboard. By clicking "Download X skipped" or "Download X errors" LodgeiT generates the csv file of our custom format, containing "Error" columns so user can easily change/fix required data and import this file back to LodgeiT.


By clicking "1 error" link the new excel file will be created and will contain all clients that cannot be imported due to errors. 

Solution: Open the excel and scroll to the last column, you will find the error description, ie there is a client who is invalid due to email address, user need to update the email (or clear the value) from the excel file and re-upload again to LodgeiT.


As about 66 skipped records (example) they were not imported because similar clients are already existing in LodgeiT (they were imported by the user before). We are checking it by ABN, TFN, ACN and reference code.  

If you want to update the "existing client", you need to tick this part via "client import" page.

It will come up with this data-


  • LodgeiT can overwrite/update existing client details and if similar client is found by ABN, TFN, ACN or reference number in the user's client list, then,  the client from the file will not be imported and will be marked as SKIPPED.
  • The search functionality for existing clients can be searched by Id or tax details ( ABN, TFN, ACN), or reference number.

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