This is an optional way for migrating your client list, you can add other details that are not available via your software exported details (ie "Managed AS)

(see attached template) - We only import fields which are in the pattern

  • Client Name > should be the complete name (e.g. Adams, Rachel Elizabeth) 
  • Company/Trust/Partnership > full (ABC Pty Ltd)
  • Trading Name > Trading name
  • Numbers like phone, BSB > if you enter a number in Excel cell it treats it as number like 041231232 will be converted to 41231232. The easy way to handle it is to add spaces like convert 041231232 to 0 41231232 or 041 231 232 then it will not remove the zeros.
  • Reference means client code
  • Client type means  entity Type
  • Manage AS / Fee from Refund / Is active > Write Y for yes and N for no.

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