The "Primary Contact/Signatory" is the person who receives and signs the form.

Adding e-signatory (person who receives the e-signature request), should be updated via the Primary Signatory's "Settings" > "Contact Details".

From the below example, Doe Pty Ltd's e-signatory is coming from the "Individual's PRIMARY CONTACT/SIGNATORY" which is 


The email address of the e-signature is taken from Primary Contact/Signatory, not from the Primary Email of the company.

There is an instance that your client has a different email address for their Personal tax form and for Business Form, if that is the case, you (as agent) need to add a "New Client" in LodgeiT for email address purposes only, and link it through the Business form.

Below example shows that Doe Pty Ltd's email address signatory is "", not the email address from "Doe Pty Ltd".