The "Primary Contact/Signatory" is the person who receives and signs the form.

Adding e-signatory (person who receives the e-signature request), should be updated via the Client's Primary Signatory's "Settings" > "Contact Details".

Note: The email address of the e-signature is taken from Primary Contact/Signatory, not from the Primary Email of the company.

There is an instance that your client has a different email address.

Example 1: The client has a Company (Doe Pty Ltd)  and Partnership (Smith & Garcia Inc) , they want to use different addresses to be the signer.

In which 

Illustration 1: Doe Pty Ltd's signatory is Mr John Doe's email office email address ""

Illustration 2:  Smith & Garcia Inc signatory is Mr John Doe's personal email address ""

the said second email is considered as unregistered because no one in the Client list has this. 

Since the "Primary Contact/Signatory" is the on who sign the form, YOU SHOUDLD NOT ADD "JOHN DOE" here, because his email address is registered to the first email add which is 

You have two option:

Option ACreate a NEW CLIENT in LodgeiT as ie "John Doe 2" and make sure to add the email as, this is for email address purposes only, in order for you to auto link the email address.

Option B: No need to create a New John, and make sure that the "Primary Contact/Signatory" is blank

Then, during an esign request, you will manually fill the "Email Address