Rollover goes automatically from the previous year while creating a new return. Each return has a specific set of fields that can be rolled over to next year. This is useful and saves time re-typing, e.g. name, address of rental properties, categories of deductions, and can be deleted if not relevant.

Rollover anytime from previous year using the "Rollover" button.

"Rollover" is also available via the three dots located at top right of the form.


  • Losses are transferred when new report for the next year is created.
  • Currently Capital, Tax and Deferred losses are transferred to the next year.
  • Lodgeit doesn't rollover from 2015 to 2016 year.
  • The rollover function works even the previous form is NOT yet lodged,  or is in "Draft" status, and user is working different year at the same time. (ie 2019 form in "draft", the data will still be visible in 2020 form)
  • Automatic rollover starts only when new return is creating. But when user opens “not started” form, LodgeiT offers the user to decide whether or not to rollover the form. And then only if the user press Rollover button, rollover happens.
  • If rollover is not working, please remove and create form again, it will execute a rollover. The reason it didn’t happen is because both forms were created automatically at that time they were empty, so no data were rolled over. In this case you must create a form again in order to rollover data.