Dashboard is a general overview, that allow the user to monitor the completion and summary of the custom reports, forms, and any work  across your client-base and track digital signing by your clients.

How to find the "Dashboard"?

Upper right of LodgeiT Interface, select "Dashboard", then press whatever you need to check -

"Dashboard" drop down uses:

a. Hover your cursor to the word "Work/Forms/Report/Workpapers" then press it.

  • "Work" - for the summary of all the categories. The user can do bulk/batch action for tax forms and financial report (ie, send esign reminder, delete, publish, etc)
  • "Forms, Reports, Workpapers" - choose 1 from the category in order to filter.

b. Hover your cursor to the star icon, and choose the default that you prefer.

This feature will help the manager and team member to track the work status and progress of the job and the team members 

Note: User may download the list/summary of the tax forms  Click here to learn more

Press the drop down it will show the filter for the following: 

A. Completed by - >team members that are working on that job.
B. Type Any - >Type of work (ie tax return, financial report, working papers, etc) 
C. Period - > Financial year sort
D. Group By - > Client grouping. Learn more
E.  Sort By -> according to newest, due date, etc

Dashboard 'Work" can also help the team to do a bulk task, ie "Sign & Lodge". 

Below example shows that:

  • Forms are under "On Review" and status are "Completed".
  • 3 forms were ticked and to be 'Sign and Lodge" in  one time basis. This can also use for bulk "Delete" for forms.
  • "Ana D." is the team member who is working on these forms.

Note: "Lodge" action is available for all forms which has status "Completed" or higher.

If the option to "Sign", "Sign & Lodge" is not showing to team member. Ask your team admin to modify team member restriction. Learn more

Once the ATO provides a confirmation that the forms has been lodged successfully, the status of the form will automatically change to "Lodged"

In this example, I used "Forms" as default to my dashboard.


Choose the  form type that you need -

Ability to filter the form according to "Type" -

"New" represents new or untouched forms that the ATO recognises your organisation is responsible for lodging. (This list is populated when a new form is issued by the ATO)

"Overdue" means any form with a due date that is an older date than current date.

You can also sort using -  "Client", "Period", or "Due date". Click the little arrow and it will auto sort.

Click here on How to Modify Due date

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