"Import" in order to auto-produce company, trust, partnership & Individual tax returns, special purpose financial reports and working papers.

Import dynamically from QBO, Xero & MYOB Account Right Live. Watch a QBO Import video demonstration here.

LodgeiT offers a direct .XLS Import  for Reckon Accounts, Reckon One,  Myob Accounting Classic, Xero, and even an Excel file

The three buttons on the screen allow user to connect to their accounting system via API.

*Note: 31st August 2020, Xero will no longer support new client API connections to LodgeiT. Affected with this change is new clients who are Xero subscribers which are connected after 30August.

For Accounting system not mentioned from LodgeiT API, you can still Import using LodgeiT Smart Excel Utility is an Excel Plugin that provides the ability to convert just about any Excel report from any accounting system into a format that can be easily consumed by LodgeiT.

After establishing connection with your source accounting system, select the financial year that you want to import. If you are importing dynamically, the comparative year will import too.

You can easily make changes in the source accounting system and then re-import/refresh.

Be sure to check the mapping of the imported financials via "Accounts". Note two places to select accounts. One on the menu and one on the accounts screen.

Mappings must be as low as possible in the LodgeiT Chart of Accounts. i.e. Current Assets  --> Cash & Cash Equivalents ---> Bank Accounts.  Make sure there are no red triangles by fixing any mappings that are not to the bottom level and by checking all other mappings.

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