LodgeiT relies on an import and classification exercise to populate Working Papers, the Tax Form and Special Purpose Financial Statements.

LodgeiT offers a direct .XLS Import  for Reckon AccountsReckon One,  Myob Accounting ClassicXero, and even an Excel file

Click here to learn more about on how to connect/import financial statement from QBO.

For other accounting software that are not API supported (not mentioned from below image) , you can use our LodgeiT Smart Excel Utility, it has an ability to convert just about any excel report from any accounting system

You can also generate an xml file that you can import to LodgeiT using:

Excel direct import - We provide a template for annual, quarterly or monthly periods for client that are not using any accounting software. Learn more

LodgeiT Smart Excel Utility (LSU) - This is an excel plug-in that provides the ability to convert any excel report generated from your accounting software into a format that can easily consume by LodgeiT, Learn more