This guide provides instructions on -  Selecting the appropriate report from your accounting software -  Generating the report to Excel -  Transforming the Excel report to LodgeiT Smart Excel Utility Standard Format .XML for use in AccFx & LodgeiT Tools


Step 1. Download 

Download LodgeiT Smart Excel Utility (LSU), learn more here (make sure to close any excel from your machine before the download)

you will know if the download is successful, this "LodgeiT" plug-in is available in your Excel.

Step 2. Extract

Extract the Balance sheet and Profit & Loss from the accounting software.

Step 3. Transform

Once you have the Excel, you will need to save the Balance Sheet and the Profit and Loss. 

Here information for the report can be added like Name, Company, ABN and Generated Source. Also the current or historical balance sheet can be generated from the report.

Here is a small sample of the report, viewable in either Notepad or Internet Explorer

Generate the same process for Profit & Loss

(See attached sample of Balance sheet and Profit&Loss)

Step 4. Importing Financials

Once you have the xml file for PL and BS, you can now import to LodgeiT

Go to "Financials"

Choose "Import from any other accounting software using AccRip tool"

Make sure to choose A PAIR of Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss


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