LodgeiT Smart Excel Utility (LSU) - This is an excel plug-in that provides the ability to convert any excel report generated from your accounting software into a format that can easily consume by LodgeiT, Learn more  

First, download  LodgeiT Smart Excel Utility (make sure to close any excel from your desktop machine) Extract the BS and PL to Excel format. 

Once you have the exported file (Balancssheet and Profit&Loss), Press the "LSU/LodgeiT" Tab and select the accounting software-

You need to fill either ABN or TFN

Choose file location, it will be save as XML file. (You need to generate a separate XML for PL and BS)

BalanceSheet and Profitloss XML file are now ready for import in LodgeiT.

Make sure to drag or copy the file together for uploading.


Once you've imported the files, navigate to and resolve any classification errors.

See attached Excel sample and generated XML's

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