Using LodgeiT Excel templates you can import financials data for Annual, Quarterly or Monthly periods.

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Import Templates

Download one of the following templates in order to prepare you import file.

Preparing Import File

  1. Specify Company Name and Financial Year (except for "Annual"template). The template will automatically fill comparative periods for the specified FY.
  2. Add more comparative period columns if needed. You can add as many as you need.
  3. Add all your accounts and associated data for Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet.

Note: The "Financial Year" line field is only required if you are using the Quarterly and Monthly template.

Importing Financials

1. In LodgeiT select a client you want to import financials for.

2. Go to Financials and select Excel from the list.

3. Select prepared Excel file from your device and click Upload.

Refreshing Financials

In order to refresh financials repeat actions described above.