LodgeiT Smart Excel Utility is an Excel Plugin that provides the ability to convert just about any excel report from any accounting system into a format that can be easily consumed by LodgeiT or AccFx. This will save you time on re-keying facts as well as provide a more accurate outcome.

LodgeiT Smart Excel Utility requires Excel 2007 and above, and Windows XP and above (all OS)

Lodged Add-in works with all versions including office 365 and 2016.

However, user should make sure two things:

1- Office 365 local version should be installed(which is visible in Programs and Features) 2- prerequisites should be installed

Check this link to know more about

Make sure to close any Excel file before downloading LodgeiT Smart Excel Utility Tool.

------------------------------------->Click to DOWNLOAD LodgeiT Smart Excel Utility HERE   <-----------------------------

Open the file "setup.exe"

Continue by clicking "Run" followed by other set-up process.

Choose what is advisable for your firm:

Generate LodgeiT Import Files from Any Accounting System

Generate LodgeiT Import Files from Excel

Importing Financial Statements from QBO

QuickBooks/Reckon Accounts Desktop

MYOB Desktop Legacy (v13 to 19)

Deleting Import

Just import over the top of the data again.New import will replace old import. There is a refresh data button. on the Financials Tab next to the software type.

Removing the data - We tried to prevent this issue with a warning on the import screen about connecting the wrong data source since this is a current system limitation i.e. not being able to delete data.

Please send a printscreen showing Financial screen so we can see URL and tech team will need to dump the data in the backend.

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