Question: I am having an issue whereby my balance sheet is out of balance in the LodgeiT "Financial Reports/Statement". 

For some reason, LodgeiT is posting a different amount for the current year’s loss to the ‘Current Year Earnings - Retained Earnings line. It is out by $2,444.37 when compared to the P&L.


1. You need to contact MYOB support and have the file examined. (See example attached file:  "Myob Issue")

2. You have to send the datafile to MYOB, and they will repair. Send to DFR team "" (See attached corro, file: "MYOB Data services", and "MYOB Data services2")

(Sample email that you may use)

Dear MYOB API Team, 

We are having an issue when importing our accounts into LodgeiT. Unfortunately, the balance sheet is out of balance. 

We are aware from LodgeiT Support that this is a common issue and that only your team can fix our MYOB file. 

Here is the Serial Number for the given MYOB AR file. 

Please do the needful and let us know once it's fixed.