Users can sign in to LodgeiT using their Xero account.

  1. On the sign in page click Sign in with Xero
  2. User will be redirected to Xero page. If requires it will ask the user to login to Xero first:
  3. After user logs in to Xero or user is already logged in Xero will ask the permissions to allow LodgeiT to access user profile information
  4. After that user will be redirected back to LodgeiT to choose either to associate Xero with existing LodgeiT account or create a new one
  5. If user has no LodgeiT account and chooses to create new account LodgeiT will ask user's phone number
  6.  Sms verification code will be sent to specified phone number and after user enters it they will be signed in to LodgeiT.
  7. Once Xero account is associated with LodgeiT user will be automatically signed to LodgeiT.

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