Note for TAX AGENT: Businesses and organisations will need to nominate you as their agent before you can add them to your client list. They will need to use the new agent nomination feature in Online services. Learn more here

Add related entities or Adding Client

Now navigate back to "Getting Started" in order to work on Add related entities.

If you are a business completing a company, trust or partnership tax return, you should also add related entities, ie directors, beneficiaries & partners.

To add a client, you can either hit the + or select "Clients"

If you select "Clients", you will be presented with the management module where you can add or archive clients. (Deleting clients is not allowed in LodgeiT).

Use + or Add, you will be presented with a simple Signup panel, If your client already exists in 'QuickBooks Online' , you can simply press the 'QuickBooks Online'  Logo and it will redirect you to your 'QuickBooks Online'  clients. If not, add the necessary information manually in LodgeiT. 

Notes for "Primary Contact/Signatory" - LodgeiT will not create duplicate if the following conditions are satisfied:

  • If a client with the same First Name, Last Name and Email exists.
  • The client is not archived. (So we do not recommend to archive Signatory clients)
  • The user has access to this client.
  • LodgeiT cannot accept client with the same Tax File Number (TFN)

Otherwise it will create a new client.

Also, if all conditions are met, then the client will be suggested in the search field.

Please also be informed that when an agent creates a new client, the system uses the agent's contact details for a client on forms by default, please pay attention to it and change that if necessary.

Once the client has been added, we suggest that you immediately navigate to "Settings > General > Contact Details" and all other Settings tab in relation to the client and complete the relevant details to avoid form errors.

Managing client's access, refer to this guide Settings - Teams/Access (Member and Client Owner and Assignee)  

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Client List and Client Groups - Once you've added some clients from a family group i.e. husband & wife, you can move on to define client relationships. This is an important step if you wish for LodgeiT to auto-fill information from husband to wife or from trust to individual as an example.

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